Design Thinking Workshop Amsterdam

You want to learn how anyone can be creative and develop innovative solutions. Then our one day Design Thinking Workshop experience in Amsterdam is ideal for you.



August 30, 2019 from 9.30h to 17.30h (the workshop will be taught in English)


CINETOL, Tolstraat 182, 1074VM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ideal for...

Project managers, executives, employees from the areas of corporate development, marketing, sales, PR and HR, consultants, trainers, and coaches.

Price: 399€ + Tax

1-day workshop, Design Thinking PDF guide, certificate

Design Thinking Workshop Amsterdam description

What is Design Thinking? 

At its heart, Design Thinking is a customer-centered innovation process, that helps to identify and fix real customer pain points in a systematic manner. The process enables companies to uncover and create solutions for real user needs, quickly test whether those solutions really will generate business benefits – before investing time and money.

Training Goals and Benefits

Our Design Thinking workshop is designed to get your team thinking creatively about products and services from a customers’ perspective. It is a fun, fast-moving set of activities that take participants from problem definition to prototyping solutions.  Starting with a real-life case, participants will move through the 5 stages of the Design Thinking process and thereby get practically exposed to the most important techniques and tools used in the Design Thinking methodology.

In essence, participants will learn to

  1. discover and understand user issues
  2. find creative solutions to the biggest issues
  3. build and test a prototype

Contents and Methodology 

Introduction to the Design Thinking concept and examples 

At the beginning of the workshop, we show a brief presentation of why Design Thinking has become one of the most popular innovation methods, combined with specific examples of Design Thinking solutions.

Problem understanding and definition 

The Design Thinking exercise starts off with in-person research (preferably on the street) to find out where customers’ issues lie. Once we have insights from customer interviews and observations, we can turn these pain points into a prioritized list of goals for what the new product or service should achieve and for whom specifically (Personas) we are going to create it (“How might we statement”).

Ideation phase 

Rather than just building the first solution that comes to mind, Design Thinking encourages your team to investigate options and build on multiple people’s ideas. Combined, those ideas are likely to generate a better overall solution than if any one individual just sat in a room and tried to fix things themselves. Ideation takes many forms but is at its core a variety of moderated brainstorming activities.

Prototyping and testing 

Paper prototype creation and usability testing are fast, cheap, incredibly easy ways to see whether we covered all the angles the problem statement. The prototype`s main purpose is to serve as a communications tool, that enables us to receive qualitative feedback. Based on the feedback, we understand what changes we need to make before the product is ready for development.

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Design Thinking Trainer

Jörn Steinz (MBA)

Innovation Consultant & Design Thinking Coach

Joern Steinz (MBA), born 1975, is used to the process of developing innovative solutions. First, when he worked in consulting and corporate development positions at Accenture, XING and the Freenet Group, he led projects to create new products and services. Since 2014, as the founder of the innovation training agency INNOMINDS, he has been conducting high impact trainings with the focus on building creative competencies. He lives in Hamburg.

Eventbrite - Design Thinking Training Amsterdam

Location Design Thinking Workshop Amsterdam

Adress: CINETOL, Tolstraat 182, 1074VM, Amsterdam
Our Design Thinking Workshop in takes place at the Cinetol building, which is a beautifully located location in the center of Amsterdam. The location which is easily accessible by public transport and by car. There is ample parking in the Tolstraat (often in front of the door). If you are you coming with public transport, you may take tram 4 to Lutmastraat.

Cinetol s a breeding ground for creativity, entrepreneurship, and culture. There is also a cafe in the building and we can have a delicious lunch or a drink or two after the workshop.

The space is on the garden side of the building and adjacent to it is an accessible roof terrace, overlooking the nature garden that sits behind the building. We will be able to work there in peace.

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