Facilitation Training

Learn to design and moderate workshops and meetings that consistently succeed. Available regularly in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, and as in-house corporate training upon request.

What you will learn

Universal framework

Learn how to divide any workshop into six key phases that ensure the desired outcome. Our workshop master framework will serve as your foundation for designing any workshop.

40 activities & tools

You will explore and engage in a hands-on toolbox of over 40 activities, enabling you to lead a group toward the desired workshop goal. As a final exercise, you’ll design a workshop concept with these activities and receive practical feedback.

Moderation skills

We will provide you with effective moderation techniques to handle all types of workshop and meeting participants confidently.

Facilitation Training Content

I. The Universal Structure of Workshops

Every workshop can be organized into three universal phases:

1. Before the Workshop

  • Align on the workshop goal (what does success look like at the end of the workshop?)
  • Determine the starting point
  • Choose the most suitable format
  • Select the best activities to move from the starting point to the workshop goal
  • Select, invite, and motivate the participants

2. During the Workshop

  • Create options
  • Select options
  • Develop and refine
  • Present and test
  • Define next steps

3. After the Workshop

  • Reflect
  • Summarize results and outline next steps

III. Team Facilitation Techniques

  • Activities for Activation and Ice-breaking
  • Questioning Techniques for Managing Contributions
  • The Facilitator’s Mindset – Understanding Your Role as a Workshop Facilitator
  • Handling Difficult Participants
  • Establishing Ground Rules
  • What to Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned
  • Closing Exercises, such as the Spaghetti Tower

IV. Final Exercise: Designing Your Workshop

All participants will have the opportunity to design a workshop schedule with activities and timelines relevant to their professional context using our “Workshop Master Template” and receive feedback.

II. Workshop Activities &  Techniques 

  • Sailboat
  • Team Journey
  • Brief Introduction to Design Thinking, Design Sprint, and Concept Sprint
  • Pain Points to Opportunity Shift
  • Problem Framing
  • Journey Mapping
  • Jobs to be Done
  • Personas
  • Value Curves (from Blue Ocean Strategy)
  • Brainwriting
  • Brainstorming Session Facilitation
  • 3-12-3 Brainstorm
  • SCAMPER Method
  • Perspective Shift
  • Analogy Formation
  • Reverse Thinking Method
  • Mashups
  • Crazy 8s
  • Pre-Mortem
  • Walt Disney Method
  • Six Thinking Hats (De Bono)
  • World Café
  • Lightning Talks
  • Affinity Mapping (as an alternative to classic clustering)
  • Buffet Method
  • Team Ranking
  • Dot Voting
  • Impact-Effort Matrix
  • Art Gallery
  • Design Charette
  • Heatmap
  • Storyboarding
  • Looks-Like Prototyping
  • Future Press Release (Amazon Template)
  • Business Model Canvas®
  • Value Proposition Canvas®
  • Mood Board
  • Task Buffet
  • MVP Concept
  • 14-Day Question (Sprint Question)
  • Using AI (ChatGPT) for Idea Generation and Visualization

Facilitation Trainer

Joern Steinz (MBA)

Workshop Facilitator & Trainer

Joern Steinz (MBA), founder and managing director of the Hamburg-based agency Innominds, will lead your facilitation training. Since 2014, he has coached hundreds of teams in workshop facilitation methods. Previously, Joern served as a consultant at Accenture and held corporate development roles at XING and the freenet Group. He studied business administration in Aachen and Coventry and graduated from EADA Business School in Barcelona. For any questions or requests, you can best contact Joern via email at hey@innominds.eu or on LinkedIn.

Joern´s clients include prominent companies like Allianz, Bayer, Capgemini, DHL, E.ON, Ferrero, Horváth & Partners, Lufthansa, McKinsey & Company, Personio, PwC, Sanofi, Siemens, and Volkswagen, along with numerous agencies, trainers, coaches, and consultants.

Locations & dates

All training sessions are conducted in English.

Facilitation Training Amsterdam

Facilitation Training Amsterdam | 2 Days

Date: 07-08 October 2024 | 9.00h-17.00h

Price: 1.300€ plus VAT / person

Location: Novotel Amsterdam City
Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam

Facilitation training Berlin

Facilitation Training Berlin | 2 Days

Date: 15-16 October 2024 | 9.00h-17.00h

Price: 1.300€ plus VAT / person

Location: Christburger Str. 23, 10405 Berlin (at juggleHUB Coworking)

Facilitation Training London

Facilitation Training London | 2 Days

Date: 28-29 November 2024 | 9.00h-17.00h

Price: 1.300£ plus VAT / person

Location: Novotel London Canary Wharf
40 Marsh Wall, E14 9TP London

Facilitation Training Brussels

Facilitation Training Bruessels | 2 Days

Date: 18-19 December 2024 | 9.00h-17.00h

Price: 1.300€ plus VAT / person

Location: Novotel Brussels City Centre
Rue de la Vierge Noire 32, 1000 Brussels


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