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Instructions for your sketch
Take 20 minutes for this activity of individual sketching.
Everybody works for themselves and develops their own storyboard of the selected idea from phase 3 (ideation).
Work on paper.
Show how you imagine the proposed solution could work (hence, works-like-prototyping). The first scene shows the pain in the status quo, then you show how your solution will improve the life of your target group.
When you are done, take a photo of your storyboard and mail it to yourself.
Next, upload your prototype to the art gallery as described.

Instructions for Sharing
Arrange the photos of each sketch in the designated area (“art gallery”) on your whiteboard.
One after another share their storyboard with the team.

Instructions for Heat Map
Each team member takes the mural pen and chooses a bright color. Then each person on the team reviews the sketches silently and marks all scenes they like with a stroke. The goal is to create a heat map of the most interesting aspects of the individual prototypes.

Instructions for Common Team Storyboard
The derivation of the common team storyboard can be tricky, so it might be good to have a break before you start.
Together as a team, look at the individual prototypes. Which starting scene got the most strokes? This might be your number 1 scene for the team prototype. Write number 1 next to it. Then, which individual sketch introduces the solution well? This might be your second scene. => write 2 next to it, and so on…  Try to combine the highlights of the individual prototypes into a coherent team storyboard. If you have any gaps in your story, you may always create additional scenes. The final result should be a logical, easy-to-follow story, that describes how the idea could work.
Congratulations, you are almost done. The last step requires only the effort to make your solution more presentable: When you have your best scenes in order, try to recreate your common prototype in Powerpoint with icons and images. Your final team result may look something like this: