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To get from team OKRs to personal OKRs we have the following process to work well: Personal objectives can stay the same as the team objectives. What changes are the key results of the individual contributors and their initiatives. Learn more:

Process to create personal OKR

The process to create personal OKRs:

  1. copy the agreed team OKR worksheets to separate Excel files for the teams (each respective team gets their own OKR file)
  2. in the file, copy the team OKR-set worksheet as many times as the number of team members
  3. assign a name of a team member to each copied team OKR set
  4. ask the team members to come up with proposals, on how they see themselves contributing to the team OKRs. The objective column does not change. What changes are the numbers in the KR column. Team members can either take a whole KR result or parts of it. For instance, if the team KR result is “We win 100 new affiliate partners” – a team member can propose to contribute 20 new partnerships to the overall team KR.
  5. the team leaders need to make sure, that the commitments of their team members add up to the promised numbers stated in the team OKR sets. Hence, the team leaders decide, in how far they agree to the proposals of their team members and which team members should contribute in which manner to the team OKR set

If you know of any other approach to derive personal OKRs from team OKRs, we will be glad to read your message in the comments below.